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Aerobie Skylighter Frisbee Disc

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Aerobie Skylighter Frisbee Disc

Was: £14.99 Now: £13.49

The Aerobie Skylighter - Aerobies 1st Night Time Frisbee!

The worlds number one disc makers have done it again and designed another breakthrough disc with long, stable and accurate flights but this time, you can fly it both day and night!

Equipped with amazing L.E.D lights on the top and outer rim, the Skylighter will set off a spectacular array of night time illumination when thrown through the air and will dazzle anyone who watches!

The Skylighters large soft rubber 12 rim makes it easy to throw and catch for children and adults of all ages and guess what - it even floats in water!

The Aerobie Skylighter comes in a varitey of great colours and will make the perfect game of catch during the day and long after the sun goes down!

If you own an Aerobie, then be sure to add the Skylighter to your collection!


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  • Price: Was: £14.99 Now: £13.49
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