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Gunther Pirate Skully Diamond Kite


Brand Gunther

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Skully's an old sea dog, sailing the seas, plundering for treasure with a huge grin on his face (well, he is a skull), and now this bony old sea dog is airborne. The Skully Kite is a traditional diamond kite with a friendly cartoon skull and crossbones character on the sail, complete with eye-patch and bandana. It's also a exceptionally easy to fly, so your little land lubbers will be able to pick it up no problem, especially if it's their first kite. Set sail for the sky, and scurvy dogs beware - the Skully Kite is ready for lift off.

Product Features

  • A diamond kite with a friendly skull and crossbones graphic on the sail
  • Exceptionally easy to fly
  • Suitable for children and beginners