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Red Kite Bird Scarer Crop Protection Kit


Brand Spirit Of Air

We have put this innovative and inexpensive kit together which will help protect your land, crops or pond from pigeons herons and other birds.

Farmers throughout Europe are using this type of deterrent and it is proving very effective.

Instructions for Use.

1. Extend the telescopic pole to it's full length 

2. Attach the kite with the line included (approx 3 to 4 feet is most effective) 

3. Drive the Super Ground Stake into the ground (approx 4 to 5 inches deep)

4. Place your Kite & Pole over the ground stake and watch as the large and striking Hawk Kite scares off any bird in it's path!

Contents Included,

x1 Ripstop Nylon 102cm Wide Hawk Kite

x1 200 ft Dacron Line

x1 High Performance Telescopic Fibreglass Pole

x1 2cm diameter Super Pole Fibreglass Ground Stake